At, we love gamer magazines almost as much as we love video games themselves. Our site is focused at the gamer niche that not only reads these magazines but collects them and preserves them. We focus on out-of-publication publications as well as those magazines still being published, such as Edge.

Who We Are

We’re people who have a real passion for video games. Our team is diverse and not only includes game journalists but people who have created for the very magazines we love to collect. This team not only manicures our database but creates content, including videos and podcasts, on a regular basis.

Our Amazing Games Magazine Database

Our database of gamer magazines is something that we’re very proud of. It now contains a reference to every issue of a gamer magazine that we’re aware of dating all the way back to the late 1970s. Most entries have a cover image, and all entries have important details, such as publication dates. In cases where we’ve secured permission, our database includes entire scans that you can peruse. We also have a program in place that rewards our members who identify omissions and spot mistakes.

Your Collection

Creating an account with us is free, and once you’ve done that, you can use our database to create and manage your own collection. You can sort and filter your collection, indicate grades and other details and even input issue-specific notes. Better yet, we have a free mobile app available that you can use to access your collection when you’re at a store or convention and considering buying a magazine.

Buy, Sell and Trade

At, we also host a buy, sell and trade forum that you can use to add to your collection and move your duplicates. This service is only open to members, and the service is structured in a way that you can be sure that the people you’re dealing with are on the up and up. This provides a much better buying and selling experience that you’re average online auction house.

Watching the Watchmen

Online gaming websites are the new gamer magazines. We know that eventually they’re won’t be any print magazines left. One of the ways that we’ve continued to grow is by studying the various gaming websites out there and turning a critical eye toward them. Our goal is to identify who’s doing right by gamers with honest reviews and editorials and who’s not doing right by them because they’re influenced by marketing dollars or whatnot.

Our Social Media Presence

Our presence online isn’t limited to our website. We have an active Twitter feed and welcome you to subscribe and tweet at us. We also have an active Facebook page and YouTube presence. Our team posts a new gamer magazine podcast each Friday, and you’ll see us on Twitch Friday and Saturday night as we look at some of our favorite games and games magazines.